And here are the finished objects!

So, her are the photos I promised! (Though most are links to the photos on Ravelry, sorry )


My washcloths one, twothree, and four.

My scarf I just wove the ends in on

My hat I just finished.

The last photo I took of that baby cardigan(I’m further along now!)

And finally, my shawl.


And here’s the best photo of it that I want to put here:img_0419_medium2




Wait-It’s September now!

Well, time went by super quickly then!

Over the past few weeks I haven’t been updating this blog, I’ve been working at homework, and knitting when I get a chance. I’ve already had my first math test, and I’m going to have my first Chemistry test sometime next week, but once I memorize all the rules of significant figures, I should be pretty good!

It’s really surprising how much knitting you can get done, even when surrounded by homework. I’ve finished a pink shawl, a scarf, and four washcloths, and I’m working on a baby cardigan out of a ball of Caron Cakes, in Cherry Chip. I really like the colours in this yarn, they are super pretty, and the yarn is sooooooooooooo soft!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll try and post photos of the things I’ve made tomorrow!

First week back at school is completed!

And it’s finally the weekend, but only a quick post today

We got back last Monday, and my Pre-caculus class started right away with homework, so I haven’t had much time for blogging or knitting, but in my free moments I’ve been working on another bear and a another scarf. I’ll post pictures when I get a chance.

And I really need to get back to doing my homework. I’ve got a quiz on Monday in math, and I really need to do well so that I make a good impression on the teacher. It’ll be the first time that I’ve turned in an assignment for him, and it needs to be good. All my other teachers I’ve either had before, except for in Chemistry. But my Chemistry teacher is my Dad, so he knows me really well.


Hope everyone had a great first week back! And if you didn’t, then it’s one week closer to next summer.




Seed Stitch Cowl and Chicken Smoothie

(Quick note: In this post I will not actually be talking about smoothies made from chicken!!)

Okay, that’s a lot of S’s and C’s in the title! Let’s start with the Seed Stitch Cowl.


The Seed Stitch Cowl is a pattern I made up so I could use some really nice yarn which is a thick ‘n thin plied variegated yarn in white/black mixed, orange, green, yellowy-green, and dark brown. Yep, it sounds ugly. And in the ball, it was very ugly. And it stripes into great big 2 inch long stripes. But it was 12%alpaca, 12%bamboo, and 12% wool for $2.99 so I had to get it. And make something from it. I couldn’t find any patterns that I thought it would look good on, so I made my own. And I’m sticking it here for safekeeping,, so I can use it again.

Needles: Size 8, 5mm or size needed to get gauge.

Yarn: I use Isaac Mizrahi Craft Skyscraper in Seagram. Unfortunately, it’s discontinued, so just use a similar yarn.

Gauge: 6 stitches to one in, about.

Instructions: Cast on 30 stitches, and then knit one row through the back loops to create a neat edge.

Row One: *K1, P1* to end of row

Row Two:*P1 K1* to end of row

Knit until your cowl is long enough to go around your neck at least, then carry on knitting until desired length, or you run out of yarn.. In my case, I used up the entire skein.

Here’s a photo of the FO:

IMG_0402Okay, that photo did not turn out well at all….Nevermind.


And now, Chicken Smoothie!!

Chicken Smoothie is a online game that I discovered recently. To put it simply, you collect virtual pets like MONKEYS!!!! It’s actually surprisingly fun to do….I’ve collected 162 pets already, but that’s not the norm. Seriously, if a virtual pet collecting sounds fun, then check it out. You can find my account very easily, it’s here. And yes, I’m not original in the slightest when it comes to names.


So, that’s all for now. Bye!!!!


And it actually Fits!!!!

Guess what??




And even more importantly?




Okay, admittedly, I had to knit a gusset along each side to get it to fit, but now I’ve done that it actually fits. It. Actually. Fits.


So, yep. Really happy. And the intarsia worked better than I thought it would! Because I actually did some intarsia on the front. And it turned out really well.


So, here’s a photo!

Creeper sweater!!


Can you guys tel it’s a creeper? (If you don’t know what a creeper looks like, google them. They are surprisingly cute.)


It’s a load better than my first attempt at intarsia knitting, that I posted about years ago.



See what I mean? I did this way back in 7th grade, and committed every sin known to knitters. Messy cast on, messy cast off, messy stitch pattern, wasted real wool, combined cotton and real wool, carried stands across the entire back….. Grr. The Knitting Gremlins were with me that day.

Anyway, Happy knitting!